Gorgeous Hair Salon is based upon a reputation of reliability, quality and good old fashioned service.

Gorgeous Hair Salon, Hairdressers in Crawley Down

Chapter 1

How it all began….

Sharon’s husband Paul had previously owned the premises, 3b Station Road as a barbershop called Geezers after the family pet.

Geezer @ Gorgeous Hairsalon, Crawley Down He had acquired it from the previous owner who operated a video hire business (do you remember when we all hired videos). However as Paul was moving on to other projects Sharon twisted his arm and talked him letting her take the shop over as a unisex hairdressing salon.

Sharon asked Claire her former work colleague to join her on the salon venture as she felt their combined experience and individual skills sets would make a winning combination and it certainly did.

After a lot of hard work Sharon and Claire opened Gorgeous Hair Salon on 18th October 2007. At the start it was just the two of them in their small but unique salon. It wasn’t long before the first stylist joined them and as the saying goes “once you get one you’ll get more”.  In the following years they built a hairdressing team to be proud of and it is with that team that Gorgeous is the salon it is today.

To find Gorgeous Hair Salon just follow these simple instructions … FIND US

Chapter 2

It’s Not Only Hair that Grows!

At the beginning of the Gorgeous journey for only a short while it was just the two girls and then Karen Prince, a well-known stylist in the area became the first stylist to join. However as Gorgeous became more and more popular and so extremely busy and there were too many clients for them to handle all on their own, so they decided to expand from their little team of three… and along came Hayley Pratt in 2010 followed by Shelly Foster in 2011……..this grew and grew until today there are 8 hairdressers, Sharon, Claire, Karen, Hayley (2010), Shelley (2011) Natalie (2012), Mel and Christine (2015) and Apprentice Ashleigh (2014).

Chapter 3

Gorgeous does Beauty!

Since opening in 2007 and the expansion of Gorgeous progressed with more stylists!

Hayley joined the blossoming team and in 2011 and Gorgeous Beauty evolved. Over the following four years Hayley B built up a wonderful following.

Keeping the timeline going…..just after Gorgeous Beauty opened we welcomed another new stylist Natalie Crowley in 2012 who had previously worked with Hayley Hair and Shelly.

Jumping forward four years, and although Gorgeous Beauty had been extremely successful the Gorgeous girls felt that the dulcet tones of hairdressers trying to make themselves heard over the hum of hairdryers, probably wasn’t the best combination for a client who wanted to relax with a facial or massage…

 Beauty rooms belong in a more tranquil environment and that brings the story back to 2015 as Hayley B, as we know her, has just moved The Beauty division down the road to a beauty room in Felbridge.

We all wish her well in her new adventure…

But the Gorgeous story does not finish here… The team of Gorgeous Girls have just grown again with the latest arrivals of Meleiha Burrows (Mel) and Christine Davies (Chris) and we are about to expand once again…

Chapter 4

Men Allowed!

This time they are allowing men into their family and Mankind at Gorgeous is being prepared.

Although they have always welcomed men into the salon the girls are about to offer the male clients a choice as the Salon is being extended to incorporate a new barbershop. We will be opening our doors on 17th October 2015, 8 years Gorgeous Hair Salon was born.

Exciting times ahead again… perhaps our motto should be “Embracing Change” as we all know what happens to businesses that stand still. Think Kodak, Blockbusters or even everyone’s favourite Woolworths.

The End…. Most definitely not…

/…. To be Continued…